Diversions, etc

I have objected, again, to the order on Churchill FP4, which was re-issued in its original form with the typo sending the diversion into Cuxham uncorrected. The quality of their diversion maps, when related to the planning applications, remains abysmal (this is partly due to the quality of the developers’ site plans as well).

The claim for Islip FP18 to the sports field, originally set up by [name removed at their request]’s father in the 1950s, has been confirmed.

Other Matters

The legislation relating to claims for rights of way that are not yet on the Definitive Map is set to change. The details were set out in last year’s Newsletter, but the change is not yet in force because the regulations have (as I write) not yet been agreed; we are expecting these to come into force soon. I have a number of candidates which need further examination, including one passing close to Campsfield Detention Centre, and one in Wardington to the county boundary near Chacombe. All paths which were in existence prior to 1949 need to be claimed, including those in council estates built before that date.

And if you were wondering how a well-known hazard came into being ...

  1. And the trees of the forest did contend before the Lord, to become king of the forest, and the bramble said unto the Lord, “I shall be king of the forest”.
  2. And the Lord said unto the bramble, “Go forth and multiply”.
  3. And the bramble went forth and multiplied, so that all the trees complained to the Lord, as there was no room for them to grow; and the bramble said, “I shall be king of the forest”.
  4. And the Lord said to the bramble, “Get knotted”.
  5. And the bramble got tangled and ravelled and twined, until no thing could pass through; but however hard he strove there was no way in which he could get knotted.
  6. And the Lord said to the bramble, “Because you have not obeyed my commandment, and have become ravelled, and tangled, and twined, but not knotted,
  7. You will forever be twined, and ravelled, and tangled; and you shall grow low to then ground, and a hindrance and nuisance to all who try to pass by; and all the trees of the forest shall rule over you”.
  8. And so it came to pass, that all the trees of the forest grow taller than the bramble, through which nobody can pass because it is tangled, and twined, and ravelled; but never knotted to this day.

David Godfrey