New System for Reporting Path Problems

Members will know that, for some years, it has been possible to report problems on paths to the Countryside Access Team by using an on-line procedure. This method uses an interactive countryside access map which shows all the Public Rights of Way. It is possible to zoom down onto a particular path and identify the precise location of the problem and the number of the path. Once the location of the problem has been found and the grid reference noted, (to the nearest square metre), a written description of the nature of the problem is typed in a box. This is then automatically emailed to the County Council's Countryside Access Team, who will enter the problem onto the Team's database.

Introduced in March 2016, the new procedure is very similar but has two major improvements:

The first is that the interactive map shows details of the path infrastructure, i.e., gates, stiles, bridges, steps and fingerposts. Because many reported problems are related to these structures, it is particularly useful to be able to pinpoint the exact location of, and to comment upon, the structure in question.

Secondly, previously, whereas the information had to be inputted manually, the description of the problem is directly transferred electronically into the Countryside Access Team's database (after being checked by the relevant Field Officer). As a result there is a considerable saving of officer time in handling and processing the information.

When using the procedure for the first time it is necessary for the individual to set up an account, giving an email address and a password. This is so that an automatic response can be sent from the Access Team to the reportee, and for the latter to receive updates on how the reported problem is being dealt with. The ‘report a path problem’ website address is

It is suggested that you bookmark this address, or add it to favourites, in your list of websites. I also have an electronic copy of a Guide to Using the CAMSweb which is available for download here.

Finally, it would be helpful, when the problem is being typed into the relevant box, if you would indicate that you are a member of the OFS and/or a Parish Path Warden.

Jim Parke