A footpath is a highway which the public only have a right of way on foot. Footpaths are normally tracks and as such are not surfaced.

Walkers can take 'Usual Accompaniments' on footpaths. Usual accompaniments includes prams, pushchairs, wheelchairs and dogs but not bicycles (even if carried). Dogs must be accompanied and kept under close control. Note that a footpath may not be suitable for prams etc because of the condition of the path surface, slopes or the presence of stiles and gates. The riding of bicycles or horses on a footpath is a civil offence.

Footpaths have yellow way markings.

Footways or Pavements

A path alongside a road (carriageway) is known as a footway. It does not have a separate legal existance to the carriageway unless a road has been built alongside an existing highway. The rights of the public for a footway are the same as a footpath except it is a criminal offence to ride a bicycle or horse on a footway.

Footways do not have way markings.