Skittles Evening

October 2012

A different venue and time of year and back by popular demand: the Skittles night. For more than the last ten years this popular evening had been organised by Pat and Lew Gammon, and the trophy had been won on several occasions by Brian Colley. The closure of the skittles alleys at Sturdy’s Castle and Tackley required finding a new venue, and the Red Lion at Islip filled the bill admirably. For the first time in many years Brian Colley was unable to come, so it opened up the possibility that another OFS member might steer his or her team to victory and be guardian of the trophy for a year!

The opening rounds, ably led by Sue Crisp, John Eyre, Michael Payton and Margaret Jones, were close; only 9 points between the top and bottom team, and completed before a plentiful supper. With renewed strength and recharged glasses we had the play-off for third and fourth places, which was a dead heat, before a tense final; and Sue Crisp’s team came out convincing winners.

Oops! Did you drop it? Sue Crisp’s team Oops! Did you drop it? Sue Crisp’s team Photo: Elizabeth Adams

Our thanks go to Michael Payton who found the pub and alley, and to Margaret Jones who looked after the administrative details, and to all the staff at the Red Lion who made us welcome. A good night was had by all, and this year’s skittles night, at the same venue, is fully booked.

Elizabeth Adams